here He comes – dream

3 January, 2001
I had the most amazing dream last night. Even now thinking about it I shake. This is what happened:

I was standing out the front of Mum & Dad’s with TS, we were talking, and I noticed the sky, it was changing before my eyes. One moment it was broad daylight, a clear blue sky, and as we watched the sun disappear behind clouds which turned to blackness within a matter of moments. We both knew it was Jesus’ return!

A man across the road, ran out and shouted with such excitement:


The sky was filled with a light (or many lights?), but it wasn’t sunlight, and I was frozen on the spot… waiting to see Him… such an exciting moment!!!!

Then, (to my utter disgust now), I ran inside and started reading a book… as if nothing was happening… (!), then realised the truth of what was happening, and the choice I’d made, and my complete stupidity, I ran outside again longing to see Him…

I woke up.

I’ve been wondering all day how I could turn my back on the moment I’ve most longed for… choosing to read a book instead????

Ahhhhh the humanity!