heaven came down

I was feeling so not like coming back to work at all this morning. Yesterday wasn’t so bad, I knew I’d be the only one there. It’s so much easier walking this stuff out when I don’t have to interact with others!
Today was different though, I was laying in bed this morning feeling the anxiety rise up in my chest. I was telling God how I just wasn’t ready to do this and He reminded me that my glory comes from Him, nobody else, and I’m not to let others steal it away… Nice huh? Then he reminded me it’s my job to let the glory He gives me shine on others.

I could feel His love being poured into me… boy He’s good!!
He had me smiling all morning after that. And singing. I caught myself singing out loud at the bakery this morning, not too loud, just quietly singing away as I was finishing “Blue Like Jazz” (again) and eating my morning toastie.

I even embarrassed myself a little and then thought, “Oh stuff it! I’m happy!” and kept on singing…
Heaven came down and glory filled my soul,
When at the cross the Saviour made me whole;
My sins were washed away and my night was turned to day,
Heaven came down and glory filled my soul!

If you haven’t heard The David Crowder Band version of this song, check it out. The Illiminate Album is awesome…

One Response to heaven came down

  1. momaoge says:

    Oh I just love those old hymns. I really like this one, too.

    Hallelujah, thine the glory!
    Hallelujah, Amen!
    Hallelujah! Thine the glory!
    Revive us again.

    For some reason I keep singing that one.

    Go figure.

    But then, I used to be a fundamentalist Baptist and they sing every verse and every chorus of every hymn in the book, so I got ’em comin’ and goin’ in my brain pretty much all the time.

    Here. Have a cookie.


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