It’s such a rare thing to have the the space and time to look at life and priortise. For the most part, that’s what I’ve been doing over the last few months – reassessing – and while I know this wont be definitive, priorities change with circumstances, this is pretty much where I’m at.

There are just so many life situations that can draw my attention at the moment, so many things going on around me, and while I’m certainly mindful of them, I’m finding more and more that Father’s love is greater than each one. It’s not that they don’t matter, they do, it’s more that I’m seeing them in His economy not mine.

So many of the things I have in the past worried about, or devoted time to ‘fixing’, I just don’t have to any more. I’m allowing Him to prioritise my time and effort(!) and mostly He’s saying “relax”, which is just – well, lovely really.

I find that every time I start worrying about something, it’s like I get this tap on the shoulder and a reminder that it’s His problem not mine – and I find myself laughing at the freedom in that. Literally laughing out loud, or, if I’m being completely honest – crying at the revelation of His great love for me.

And so, priorities.

Considering the fact that Jesus has dealt with everything else, there’s only one thing left really, – love.


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