Went to Cornerstone tonight, got there early after visiting with Mum & Dad. We don’t ‘officially’ open till 7pm, but when I got there at 5:50 there were people waiting outside in the cold. So in we went and turned on the heaters and the urns and M and I had a game of pool. He won (of course) and I could tell he just loved giving me pointers, it was great. He’s a very sweet man with a serious speach impediment that makes it very difficult to understand him, but he has the best laugh ever!

Played another game of doubles with M as my partner, against P and Terry (a guy on our team). P was hysterical – excellent at pool, was telling us he learnt on the streets of Dandy (which in itself was funny cause he was so serious), but then added, witha cute little smile – “I guess I got a few tips in prison too” – then giggled. It was great! Too funny! (Ok, he tells it better).

‘K’ was in again, not in the least bit hostile tonight which was good, in fact she was quite the opposite, very helpful. She still hasn’t got her kids back though *sigh*. ‘A’ didn’t have his trolly with him tonight, said he left it at his ‘place’ – meaning the lane behind the Uniting Church *sigh*. I worry about him. He’s such a sweet man, and has an amazing faith.
‘T’ told me tonight that her 12 year old daughter ‘V’ will be going into care, she’s been sleeping around and drinking and hasn’t been in school for 2 months. I wish I had a house. I worry about the other 4 kids too.

I love this place, I love that all these people can come here and be accepted and loved. It’s such a mix of people! Played Uno again and pretended to be all indignant when ‘P’ kept giving me her Draw 4’s and 2’s – it was great. She loved it.

Last year I was in a conversation with someone who described the people at Cornerstone as ‘hopeless’, and I was dumbfounded – speachless in fact. It was clear that this comment was really based on ignorance, and perhaps a bit of ‘upper-class’ prejudice. Poor guy!

I’m assuming his context doesn’t allow him to see that just like him, they’re just people – ordinary fallen, broken, loved, content, struggling people who Father loves and asks us to also. And it’s really not that difficult when you ‘get’ how much you’re loved by Him also and that in his economy, no-one is without hope!!

Have I mentioned I love Dandenong? I went for a walk around there last Wednesday, walked the shops in the main street, and through the arcades – avoided The Plaza (large mall) though. There’s something very sad about Dandenong. It’s ‘dark’ and dank, and messy and unhealthy and there’s a hostility that hangs in the air – and, well, I love that place! I love watching Father at work in the lives of people there and really want to be a part of it!


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