I went down to my favourite coffee shop today, I try to get there as often as I can, to drink coffee and read and people watch and talk to God. I love sitting there and asking Father how I can participate in what He’s doing in the lives of the people around me. Most of the time He’s completely silent of course, but I refuse to to believe he’s snobbing me off, I expect He’s been busy keeping the world turning and sustaining all life. But I digress, (something new and different for me).

Today was great, I was sitting there reading A Church Without Walls (thanks Ken, loving it thus far!) and was talking to Father about Dandenong and he reminded me of a couple of ‘pictures’ He’d given me back in ’92 when I was new to the world of Christendom and was exploring relationship with God, and what it means to serve Him etc. I was finding meaning after a reasonbably void-of-purpose type existance, and was talking to him about Cornerstone and Dandenong and He ‘showed’ me, in his inimitable way, the following:

1. Me leading a bible study in a cramped second story unit in Dandenong, filled with totally ‘unchurched’ people.

2. A group of Christians who had committed themselves, their time, resources to serving Father by serving the people of Dandenong.

Back then I think I pretty much assumed these must’ve been for others, because there was no way that I could be a part of something like that, no way that He could use me to show others how much He loved them – afterall, I hadn’t at that point grasped His love for me (that didn’t happen ’till at least a good 4-5 years later, I’m really not that quick on the uptake).

Anyhoo, so today I’m sitting reading and He reminds me of these two images and what’s more, I felt His presence in such a way that I knew that if I looked up He’d be sitting next to me, He was that tangible! It was great! We ‘had a moment‘ together – and my heart once again remembered what it’s like to be touched by pure love and to be encouraged (in the literal: inspired with hope, courage, and confidence).

So, longer story short, Dandenong is very much back in the forefront of my thinking, and with all the other things Father’s being talking to me about lately,(all shall be revealed shortly) I’m, reasonably excited about the future!

On another note, being Wednesday, I had lunch with my two “Wednesday Friends” (although I have to admit I love them on other days of the week too). We’ve been meeting Wednesdays for a couple months now, and I love it! I love sitting down and talking about where we’re at and laughing and making plans and coming up with brilliant business ideas that generally fade to laughter, and basically care for each other. Another total blessing in my life. Love you guys!


2 Responses to re-emerging

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very cool that you are coming to the end of that long, dark road!! And I feel so privileged to have been able to pray you through it. Love ya, girlie!!! ((((hugs))))

  2. Anonymous says:

    Excited, hey? That HAS to be a God-thing! Tears for me, as usual. Darn!

    Love, Ken

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