My parents were married in this building back in August 1967. Back then, it was owned by the Dandenong Church of Christ.

Now it’s Cornerstone, and it’s where I was tonight. It was a great night.

One of the things that I love about Cornerstone is that it’s in an old church building. I love the fact that it’s being used to serve the poor, not just for services on a Sunday.

Actually, it’s not used for traditional ‘services’ at all anymore, although on some Sundays it’s open for the people of Dandy to come in and warm up and watch a movie, and catch up with friends.

I also love that it’s not a ‘sterile’ atmosphere, but a place where people can come and relax and be themselves, and be loved.

So, one of the questions I’ve been pondering of late is the whole idea of mobilising the church. How do we move from expecting the lost to come to us, to actually ‘going’ to them (aka the ‘great commission’)?

How do we transfer the task of preaching the good news, from the ‘professional Christians’ (ie, those that get paid to do it), to the general populous of those who call themselves followers of Christ?

What’s made us think that this gospel of Jesus’ is one of morallity and if we live moral lives people will come to know Christ?

Maybe we need a re-reformation? Or, maybe we’re waiting for persecution, or for God to destroy our ‘temples’ or perhaps another great dispersion? Something to shake us up a bit maybe?

So many questions, so little sleep.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    know what you mean … recently our elder called and said “hey, instead of having VBS at the church, we should have it at the local trailer park. We should go to them and not expect them to come to us.” It was refreshing to hear someone from my church say this, because I so agree with it!

    For me having my kids in public school has been a natural and easy way to connect with our community. My kids have also exposed me to many specialists, and I also have connections with other parents with autistic kids, its one of the reasons I think God gave us our children, the connect us to a whole people group that I likely wouldn’t run into otherwise.

    I love the coffee shop hanging out you do! I think the whole idea of being a “regular” some place like “Cheers” is a really neat way to go.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Just thinking of your question:

    What’s made us think that this gospel of Jesus’ is one of morallity and if we live moral lives people will come to know Christ?

    Morality is a standard of conduct that is accepted as right or wrong. The Scripture says that to him who knows to do good (morally right) and does it not, to him it is sin. (James 4:17) So, I would think a moral lifestyle would show our obedience to God and His authority in our lives.

    I just think a lot of us are living good lives for “goodness’ sake” and not for Christ. We “live a moral lifestyle” but have no compassion, we have a spirit of judgement that shows we are just living “for goodness’ sake”, a life unwilling to accept people as they are. Our lives are not even close to the kind of life that Christ led, who was at all times pleasing to the Father without sin….and the “friend of sinners”. I guess you might say we are Pharisees! And, I say “we” because often I am guilty of this sin…….

    Thanks for giving us something to think about! Blessings as you minister to people where they are!


  3. […] I’m not long home from Cornerstone.  Tonight was our first night there for 2007 and it was full of wonder!  I really enjoyed seeing […]

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