another bridge crossed

I had a job interview on Monday. The first one since I quit work last October. Up until now I’ve been just doing work that comes my way. The main reason being, that up until recently, I was certain that nobody would want to hire me. Crazy right? Afterall, I’m incredibly gifted, talented, really quite funny, of above average intelligence and incredibly humble, and yet, my confidence was completely and utterly shot to pieces after what happened with work. It took me ages on Monday morning to summon the courage to make the call to organise the interview. In the end I made myself go get the phone and dial the number. I realised about 5 minutes into the interview that everything was going to be ok. I wasn’t in the least bit nervous and felt quite confident. It went well by the way, I start next Thursday, which also happens to be my birthday. It’s only a temp job, but will certainly help pay the bills until I find something in Dandenong.

Dad’s done so much in me over the last 10 months. We relate differently now, well, ok, it’s most likely me that’s relating differently, He’s really his same old reliable, loving, affectionate, encouraging, reassurring (although I do wonder if he gets a tad tired of that one at times), kind self. He’s quite lovely really. I look back to February and the mess that I was and the depression that had set in, and all I can do is say a very sincere “thanks” to God, and my wonderful friends who loved & prayed me through it.

So, a new day has dawned (just to get all dramatic), and I’m [still] very excited about what’s to come!


4 Responses to another bridge crossed

  1. Jones says:

    I came across your blog from a link from house of light or something like that…it’s very hard to read your blog in such a small space, is there something i can do to enlarge it?

  2. Ti'el says:

    Hi and thanks for stopping by. Sorry about the space issue, my site is set up for high resolution. But to see the blog out of the frame you can use

    Hope that helps!

  3. Jones says:

    Thanks! That worked. Your blog is great.

  4. Ti'el says:

    Glad it worked, and thanks for the enouragement!!!

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