it is finished

Well my birthday has come and gone (last Thursday) and it was really good. Started a new job that day, and caught up with my parents, and then went out for dinner with friends in the evening. We not only celebrated my birthday, but we toasted the end of a really bad year. And it really does feel like it’s over. Finally, and most appreciatively!

Went for a walk this morning with my friend Shells. We met Zo & Ben for brekky and then walked home again. The round trip was about 10klms (approx 6.2 miles). We did 9klms (5.5 miles) last Saturday. Came home a different way today. I have to say that endorphines rock! I feel great! Why didn’t anyone tell me before!!? Of course, I do have the beginnings of a blister on the bottom of my left foot, looks like I’m over due for some new runners. Oh well. Considering doing a similar walk tomorrow. I’ll see how the muscles are holding up.

Doing a load of washing at the moment, then going to visit the parent people. It’s my Dad’s 72nd birthday today as well as Mum & Dad’s 39th Anniversary. I love my parents so much and still do not like this whole aging thing they’re going through. It’s R.O.N.G. wrong (as my friend Ky would say). So, off to give them a hug!


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