remembrance & hope

Yesterday morning I finished reading Deuteronomy. It’s actually one of my favourites of the Books of Moses. I love the way it recounts all that God has done for the Israelites. From the call of Abraham and God entering into covenant relationship with him, to the 70 Syrians going into Egypt, their 400 years of servitude, God hearing their cry and raising up Moses to lead them out, then His leading them through the wilderness, the giving of His statutes and laws, their rebellion, His provision and protection, and then finally looking forward to them entering the promised land.

It’s all about reminding the Israelites of everything God has done for them in the past, so that they will rely and stay true to him in the future. They can place all their hope in Him. He has loved them, He does love them, He will love them. They are His, called to be exclusively about His business – Holy.

He even tells them, in a song, about their future rebellion, He sets before them what appears to be the entire future of the Israelites and their interaction with God and others. Yet, in the end, they can hope in Him being true to His promise of being their God.


Remember & Hope.

I suspect there’s something in there for us all.

Ok, off to brekky to spend time with Joshua…


2 Responses to remembrance & hope

  1. Jerry says:

    Just read your post and admired your writing style… yes, there was something in there for me… I hope someone would think as much of some things I write… 🙂 god bless, Jerry

  2. Celeste says:

    Just found your blog…and I like it! Keep going!

    God bless,

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