the Jesus Way

22 March, 2007

Jesus Christ…

I am the Way the Truth and the Life

Eugene Petersen…

The Jesus Way wedded to the Jesus Truth produces the Jesus Life.

We can’t proclaim the Jesus truth, and do it in any old way that we like. Jesus as the Way, may be the most frequently evaded metaphor in the Christian life. Jesus as the Truth gets far more attention in our circles of teaching and Worship.

A major concern, involves attention and guidance into the Jesus Way. The Jesus Way is always, and everywhere incarnational, which in plain language means local and ordinary, place and time. Everything we say and do as Christians takes place in the neighbourhood, and with personal relationships. Workplace, family. It’s not enough to speak the truth of Jesus or motivate people to do Jesus things. We need to both speak the truth and motivate the actions in the Jesus Way. The way Jesus did it, the Way Jesus said it.


18 March, 2007

I had a ‘moment’ today in church, watching all the couples, and families and children. Got a bit sad, till Dad reminded me to live in today, to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep and live my actual life, not my imagined ‘possible one’, the one that exists in ‘What-If-Land” (which of course is just down the road from “If-Only-Ville”).

My actual life, the life he’s given me to live with the people he’s placed me in the midst of.

My actual life, the life where I exist in today, with all the history of the days that have gone before, and all the love and grace and mercy and forgiveness he’s poured into me.

My actual life, the life that has me in the midst of some amazing friendships, where we get to live our ‘actual’ lives together.

I do like my life… a lot!

I love it when he does that, He spoke right to the heart of the matter cutting across all the dross that tends to hang around on sentimental moments like that. Lovely.

the more excellent Way

7 March, 2007

So much for being able to blog more often now that I have the notebook. The intention was there, but the reality was that this week was just totally crazy busy.

Having said that though, here are some things that Dad’s been re-affirming of late…

  • He’s more interested in the state of my heart and in me being His friend than me being His servant.
  • He wants me to live in such a wag that the Gospel is fully accessible to any and all that i come into contact with on a daily basis.
  • His Kingdom is from everlasting to everlasting.
  • He loves the whole Church.
  • Being ‘right’ wont achieve a thing if I don’t live it.
  • I can only trust Him and others as much as I believe they love me.
  • To love someone means to want the best for them.
  • He loves me.
  • He loves everyone else just as much.
  • Nip ‘unforgiveness’ in the bud before it turns to contempt.
  • If I can’t forgive someone, it’s my issue, not there’s.
  • What we call ‘love’ very often isn’t.
  • What we call friendship is very often just a ‘mutual accommodation of self need’ (Dave Coleman)
  • Sundays are NOT the game, they’re just the training sessions.
  • He loves everybody, and asks me to do likewise.
  • When i don’t treat someone in a loving manner, it’s most likely because there’s a part of God’s character that I still need to get a handle on (ie, it’s about me, not them).
  • Acting ‘lovingly’ toward someone is still just an act – they will see through it!
  • Love is affectionate.
  • Jesus gave ‘the man on the street’ authority to carry on His work – NEVER prevent that, never take it off them, ALWAYS encourage them! There is no exclusive ‘ministers’ club in His Kingdom.
  • Saying ‘sorry’ doesn’t diminish you in the least – unless you’re worried about your ‘reputation’ – and He’s not.
  • Give.
  • Rest.
  • Give some more.
  • Practice this loving thing – it’s exhilarating!!