I had a ‘moment’ today in church, watching all the couples, and families and children. Got a bit sad, till Dad reminded me to live in today, to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep and live my actual life, not my imagined ‘possible one’, the one that exists in ‘What-If-Land” (which of course is just down the road from “If-Only-Ville”).

My actual life, the life he’s given me to live with the people he’s placed me in the midst of.

My actual life, the life where I exist in today, with all the history of the days that have gone before, and all the love and grace and mercy and forgiveness he’s poured into me.

My actual life, the life that has me in the midst of some amazing friendships, where we get to live our ‘actual’ lives together.

I do like my life… a lot!

I love it when he does that, He spoke right to the heart of the matter cutting across all the dross that tends to hang around on sentimental moments like that. Lovely.


4 Responses to life

  1. Pleroo says:

    I like your life a lot too! 🙂 It always warms my heart, and challenges me, when I read about your love and passion for the people around you. I always come away thinking what a cool soul you are and I’m inspired by how Jesus shines through you.

  2. Glenn says:

    Thanks for sharing that. And thanks for the reminder to live what is, instead of what could be. That’s a trap I often fall into myself.

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  4. Lori says:

    Put into words perfectly…..

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