the Jesus Way

Jesus Christ…

I am the Way the Truth and the Life

Eugene Petersen…

The Jesus Way wedded to the Jesus Truth produces the Jesus Life.

We can’t proclaim the Jesus truth, and do it in any old way that we like. Jesus as the Way, may be the most frequently evaded metaphor in the Christian life. Jesus as the Truth gets far more attention in our circles of teaching and Worship.

A major concern, involves attention and guidance into the Jesus Way. The Jesus Way is always, and everywhere incarnational, which in plain language means local and ordinary, place and time. Everything we say and do as Christians takes place in the neighbourhood, and with personal relationships. Workplace, family. It’s not enough to speak the truth of Jesus or motivate people to do Jesus things. We need to both speak the truth and motivate the actions in the Jesus Way. The way Jesus did it, the Way Jesus said it.


One Response to the Jesus Way

  1. Pleroo says:

    I’m guessing, you being you, you’re so busy living the Way you don’t have much time for blogging. Sure do miss reading you, though.

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