forgive us our trespasses

“Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.”

When I’ve heard, read or said these words, in my mind, I’ve mostly interpreted the word ‘trespasses’ as ‘sins’, and never really put a lot of thought into why the word ‘trespass’ was used. Until this week that is, when I was listening to Wayne & Brad at The God Journey and they were talking about it.

They were discussing the whole concept of trespassing in terms of “going where we shouldn’t” or “taking that which hasn’t been given to us”. I really like that.

After all, isn’t that what sin is? Stepping outside our rightful bounds and doing, or saying, or taking, or going where we’ve not been permitted to go?

Taking for ourselves that which isn’t freely given, imposing on others our agendas and expectations. Even imposing those same things on our Heavenly Father, instead of living Life in the Way and Truth of His son, and making the most of today and all that he’s provided, our ‘daily bread’.


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