still here… still learning

7 May, 2007

I know it’s been ages, and I know I said that now that I have the laptop I will be able to blog more, and in fact I’ve actually been blogging less… but isn’t that the way of it? No excuses realy. There’s not even a ‘but’ to follow that statement. I’ve just not been doing it. It’s not even because I haven’t had time, because I have. I’ve actually been home a great deal more than usual of late. I think if there’s any reason that I’ve been conspicously missing from said blog, it’s that I’ve been overawed (is that a word and did I spell it correctly? Carolyn? Gina?) with God’s grace and the things I’m learning about doing life differently, and what’s important and what’s distraction.

And even now, now that I’ve actually got this page open and am putting cyber ink to cyber paper, I’m still not able to pull it all together into some cohesive statement that explains all the wonderful things I’m learning.

So, instead of me totally fluffing it up, here’s a link to a person I’ve been listening to of late, and… this stuff is wonderful, refreshing, and doesn’t beat around the proverbial bush.

Brent Rue

If you actually do follow the link and have a listen (my favourites thus far – just for the record – are the ones entitled “letting God love you”, you’ll find them under ‘Brent’s Core Values”) then please come back and let me know what you think.