I was reminded recently that it’s time for my “monthly blog”.  I suspect there was a hint of sarcasm when my Canadian friend wrote this, due to (I’m sure) my complete slackness in keeping up my rolling commentary on life.   So, this blog is dedicated to Caz, my friend who is secure enough in our friendship to know that she can pick on me with indemnity and Ken for the phone call, encouragement and the like-minded heart for Dad’s Kingdom.  It has been a couple of months since I last blogged.  There are reasons for that, but I’m confident said reasons will no longer impact my blogging activity.  So I begin again with an earnest desire to record the things that Dad is teaching me:

  • Follow Jesus, He is the Way
  • Look for what He’s doing in my life and passionately pursue his agenda
  • Look for what He’s doing in the lives of my friends, and encourage them to do likewise
  • Look for what He’s doing in the lives of those around me and agree with it
  • Abandon my own agendas and embrace His
  • Have a reason for what I believe
  • Don’t let the expectations of others get in the way
  • Don’t let others impose their agendas on me
  • Embrace life
  • Live in today, not yesterday
  • Intentionally live life with those around me
  • Be intentional about being His disciple
  • Say “yes” to God, it’s far more powerful than ‘no’ to sin
  • Formulas don’t work and are often controlling, abusive and a very poor substitute for life in  the Kingdom
  • Don’t impose my agenda on others
  • Individual people matter. they are all ‘ones’
  • Asking “why?” is a good thing
  • Don’t defend myself, it’s silly
  • Be the Church
  • Love the Church
  • Seek His wisdom
  • Hang in there with people, never give up



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