spring has sprung

Even though Spring doesn’t officially start until Saturday, we’ve had some absolutely beautiful spring days this week. I love spring. It’s definitely my favourite season. I can go out and sit in the sun without fear of burning and apart from the obvious benefits of sunlight, people seem a lot happier. Yesterday I had several random conversations with people, smiling, laughing, joking, it was great! It seems like the sun coming out has chases away the winter doldrums. Yes!

This past weekend was pretty fantastic too. 39 turned out to be not so bad at all. I had a great day at work on Friday, starting with a BBQ brekkie with everyone, then cake for morning tea and some fairly out there singing of ‘Happy Birthday’! Then out for dinner with some friends to my favourite Thai Restaurant – gotta love Thai! Followed up with Saturday morning Brekkie with friends. Lovely.

Saturday night we celebrated my parents 40th Wedding Anniversary. it was a fun night with lots of old friends and much laughter – doesn’t get much better than that.So Happy Anniversary Mum & Dad! Much love and many blessings upon your respective heads.

Mum & Dad

And happy spring!!!!


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