I’ve just finished reading the Gospels again and I’ve been thinking about what God did in the incarnation…

hmn… lost my train of thought there for a moment, there’s a Colin Firth movie on telly (now there’s a fine specimen of humanity that needs saving)… *cough*

Right, the incarnation, Christmas…. God becoming man.

It’s struck me over again just what an amazing thing God did in “becoming flesh” and living as one of us. But more than that, he came as a friend of man, not an angry Lord. He drew people to him. They weren’t terrified of him like the Israelites back with the whole burning mountain thing where they backed away and told ol’ Moses to go talk to him for them.

Of course for the most part his friends didn’t really know who he was, I mean, they suspected he was the Messiah, but there was no expectation that the Messiah would be God himself, but rather a man maybe like Moses or David, who acted with God’s favour upon them.

There were moments when some did catch on to his true identity, like Peter, in the boat after the “miraculous catch”, with his declaration of “Go away from me, Lord; I am a sinful man!”, but then Jesus’ response was “Don’t be afraid”…. lovely.

There was nothing for Pete to fear.

God had become man for a reason, to draw man back into loving relationship with his Creator.

Jesus presented himself as the most lovely person. He cared deeply about the people around him. He understood the human condition. He looked out for the broken and beaten and those who had been ostracised by society. He wept with his friends and he didn’t harbour grudges when they let him down.

And this Jesus, this man, “is the image of the invisible God”.

Just as there was nothing for Pete to fear from Jesus, there is absolutely nothing for us to fear from our God. Nothing.

Jesus showed us that. He told us that if there was something worth fearing, it would be God, but God loves us so completely that there’s absolutely no reason to fear even Him!!

Anyhoo, I guess where this has taken me once again is to the place where I’m reminded that the Creator of all things calls me his friend, and went to amazing lengths to prove it!


One Response to christmas

  1. Jim Thornber says:

    Seeing God as friend is so difficult. Lord God Almighty! That fits the image. Vindicator and Justifier. That works too. But friend…. Its a hard concept to wrap my brain around. But Jesus said it was true, and its time I not only started to believe it to be true, but to live in that type relationship. I’ve only been a Christian for 35 years, so it’s going to take some time to process!

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