I’m 42, single and live in Melbourne, Australia. I’m enjoying life, family and friends, and getting to know Jesus, and life with him in his Kingdom in a whole new (old?) Way.

4 Responses to Terri

  1. Brian Gardner says:

    Hey Terri,

    I enjoy your blog posts….!

    Much love

  2. Lori Rich says:

    Hey Tezzie!

    I love coming here…wanted to say “G’day!”


  3. Guy says:

    41 — you that old?? Hey there chickadee — long time no hear. Thought I might check out this ‘blog’ thing. Looks a little too complicated for the likes of such a simple lad as myself. But — I have had a bit of a read through it — and it does certainly seem like a medium/mechanism for me unloading everything that is cluttering my head. And, I know, you of all people, know just how much junk is floating around in there. See ya on the flip side young girl …

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