highlights of 2008

29 December, 2008

Here’s my answer to my friend Sarah‘s invitation to do a top 5 list for 2008…

ben & zo’s wedding – it was absolutely a complete joy to see two of my friends marry, and the bonus was that the whole thing was a lot of fun!  Once again (and continually, many blessings upon you both)!

the great trip of ’08 – May this year saw me and 2 friends take off for a trip to Europe and the States.  I’m going to cheat a bit on this one do a top 6 moments of the trip.

  • Revisiting Dublin, Ireland & catching up with friends in Northern Ireland. 

  • Paris – absolutely lovely!


  • England, reconnecting with family and friends and getting to revisit some much loved locations.


  • New York – a big surprise for me, I wasn’t particularly all that excited about the prospect of visiting NY, but I completely and utterly fell in love with the City and will definitely return, one day.



  • Seattle – This was special!  I had the privilege of meeting up with some very special friends and it was wonderful.  

Thanks again to Barb & Doug and family  for making room for us, and thanks to Sarah, Caz & Dwayne and family, and Gina for making the trip to Seattle.



  • Los Angeles – and in particular meeting up with my friend Holly and her family.  Thanks again Holls, for having us stay!  

… and of course Disneyland, a place built for kids that definitely brought the little kid out in me!

turning 40 – which wasn’t any where near as bad as I expected it to be, I’m actually really loving being 40!  Thanks to a bunch of family and friends who helped me celebrate the occasion with a bit of a party.


bike riding – I’ve had an absolute blast this year getting out and bike riding in and around Melbourne, and really enjoyed a weekend away with my friends Zo & Rach.  I even bought myself a new bike for my 40th, and it’s been so much fun!

getting to know Jesus – this has been an ongoing relational discovery over many years of course, but I think this year has been particularly exciting as I’ve been more deliberate about getting to know the Way Jesus did life with the people around him, and learning that who I am means more to him than what I do and relaxing in that.  It’s been lovely.

Of course there’s no photo that could accurately depict what this is about, although each of the above ‘highlights’ for me have definitely been blessings from my heavenly Father, and so fit this quite nicely!



home again, home again

7 August, 2006

Honey! I’m home!

I had a fantastic time in Queenstown primarily I’m sure because it has officially moved to first place on my “the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen” list (knocking Tintagel in Cornwall, England to #2). I went with 5 friends and a 6th met us over there for the second half of our trip and we had a blast! Skiing, sightseeing, walking laughing and of course eating!

Here’s a shot of Queenstown I took from the lookout (had to take a gondola ride up there), that mountain range in the distance is “The Remarkables” and they so are!!

We were staying down observatory favby the lake and our apartment had the dual view of the lake and the snow-capped ranges, so beautiful (did I mention this place was beautiful?).

Dad certaintly must’ve been having a wonderful moment when he spoke this place into being! Magnificent!

Oh, and I ended up going parasailing/flying on Saturday. The base-jumping was $100.00 more, so maybe next time!

Here’s me with the ugly yellow smiley parachute (lol) flying over Lake Wakatipu, this is pretty much right up there among the most fun things I’ve done!


The views were magnificent, and while it was a tad (read ‘very’) cold , I’d do it all over again without hesitation!

And here’s a shot taken by a friend that shows just how high up I was…


I guess with all these shots it’d be easy to assume that this was the highlight of the trip, but really, even though it was a lot of fun, the best part was going away with friends and being able to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

I loved it. This was easily one of my favourite trips ever!

Having said that, it’s great to be home though. I had a wonderful day today finalising the holiday stuff and reconnecting with my immediate future. Had a great chat with the Lord this afternoon and I’m very excited about the things he’s teaching me about who He is, who I am and how to share that with others.

So lovely!