Free MP3 Resources

Following are links to sites where you can download MP3 files that I’ve really enjoyed listening to. These guys are among my favourite speakers/authors.


  • veritas forums
    what does it mean to be human
    the genious of jesus
    how to be a morally responsible sceptic
    the relativity of belief and the absoluteness of truth
    the christian voice in the university
    nietzche v. jesus christ (2 parts) NEW
    the nature and necessity of worldviews NEW
    why science and religion must conflict (2 Parts) NEW

  • doing what jesus did conference

  • intervarsity christian fellowship
    closing address: expectation and engagement

  • maclaurin institute
    moral education in the academy: optional or necessary?

  • redeeming reason
    what went wrong in the university?
    the redemption of reason

  • bethal seminary & college
    preparation for ministry
    understanding spiritual transformation
    planning for spiritual transformation

  • desert stream ministries
    the cross and discipleship

  • emergent – uk
    the kingdom of god (with todd hunter)

  • christian audio
    ‘hearing god’ – interview
    ‘renovation of the heart’ – interview

  • wheaton college
    the disappearance of moral knowledge in the 21st century
    living the spiritual life in reality
    what is really the gospel?

  • christianity today
    finding satisfaction in christ

  • allelon
    spiritual formation in the ways of christ
    the kingdom as reality
    Vision: the cooperative friends of jesus



  • veritas forums
    rethinking relationships

  • imago dei community
    our father in heaven
    united in death
    where theology & photography intersect (with john macmurray)

  • campus crusade for christ
    narrative as spiritual exploration
    romeo & juliet: the theology of shakespeare

  • stanford sanctuary
    honour & beauty
    setting & character
    climax & resolution
    blue like jazz & searching for god knows what (a circus of redemption)
    to own a dragon





  • the god journey – podcasts & forums
    designed to facilitate an ever-expanding conversation with folks who are thinking outside the box of organized religion. (podcast archives here)

  • lifestream – Wayne Jacobsen
    transitions: moving from religious thinking to relational living.
    Eight sessions: on
    at home in god; three roads to travels; in & shame; the cross: cure not punishment; walking in the reality of the cross; how god changes us; processing the journey; the transformed life





4 Responses to Free MP3 Resources

  1. […] been gorging myself on the marvelously clear teaching of Dallas Willard ever since stumbling onto this site.  I have all his books, and now I can listen to conference after conference and drink it in (and, […]

  2. Dave C. says:

    Wow, thanks for these resources. A great collection here. I am very keen on Willard’s “Doing What Jesus Did” conference, but the link is broken and I can’t seem to Google it either. Do you have an updated source, or the original files? You can email me at “dave j campbell (at) g mail dot com” with your reply if you like 🙂

    Thanks heaps.

  3. bryonm says:

    awesome. thanks… great choices.

  4. Doug Wilson says:

    I’m with Dave C. . . . I’d love to hear Dallas Willard’s “Doing What Jesus Did” conference. Is there any way I could get those audio files? I would be very grateful!

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